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Thursday 13th November 2014, HCL gigs, new international trio project, sponsored by D'Orazio strings

Later at the end of this month, I shall fly to Italy to play four concerts with HCL Funk Reaction, a new trio project with Italian guitarist Gianfranco Continenza and American drummer Rick Latham (who has recently become an Italian resident). This will be the first time that we have played together as a trio so our set will be a combination of songs written by Gianfranco and myself and our own take on some well known Funk tunes. We will be following this with more shows next year and an original CD. The tour will be sponsored by D'Orazio Strings, amongst others. See dates below and stay tuned for more info! FH

- 27th November - Corcovado-Pub - Lanciano (CH)

- 28th November - DESMOND BREW PUB - Cavaticchi (PE)

- 29th November - Pocoloco Pubewinebar - Paganica (AQ)

- 30th November - Parco dei Mulini - Crecchio (CH)


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