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Monday 17th March 2014, New Citrus Sun CD "People Of Tomorrow" Released

I'm very excited that this Monday sees the official release of the new Citrus Sun CD and download album 'People Of Tomorrow.' In case you're wondering, Citrus Sun is a side project devised by Bluey (of course!) to explore a slightly different musical avenue. It's still the same Incognito core rhythm section of Francesco Mendolia, Joao Caetano, Matt Cooper, Bluey and myself but this time we're augmented by Jim Mullen also on guitar, Valerie Etienne on vocals and ex-Incognito trumpeter Dominic Glover... plus a couple of guest performances too.

.In the summer of 2013, we took this lineup to Japan to perform six shows of the music of the late Donald Byrd; consequently, some of the music on this album is a nod to his Jazz Funk period. We didn't have a very long time to get things done (in some ways that was a blessing) as we were also still making (the forthcoming) new Incognito record (and of course touring,) but I think we've made a record to be proud of.

I contributed three compositions to the album, 'People Of Tomorrow,' 'Yesterday Detroit' (both co-written with lyrics from Bluey) and 'As Night Falls.' I'm very happy with how they turned out. Jim, Dominic and Matt turn in tremendous solos on these songs. In fact, Matt's piano solo on 'As Night Falls' was his first take - and he played drums on that song too!

We are holding a concert and launch party for the album release at Under The Bridge in London on Thursday 17th April. Tickets are available from the Under The Bridge website or click the link on my eventspage. FH

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