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Wednesday 2nd April 2014, Special Fundraising Show featuring Bluey, Incognito, Lulu and Jocelyn Brow

On Wednesday next week we perform a special fundraising concert as Incognito and Friends (including Jocelyn Brown and Lulu) with all proceeds going towards the families of saxophonist Ray Carless and the late Paul 'Tubbs' Williams. Both were original members of Incognito.

Ray Carless has recently won a battle against cancer and we are pleased that he himself will be performing on the night. During the period that he was unwell, unfortunately, he was not able to work. Paul 'Tubbs' Williams, co-founding bassist of Incognito, passed away a few years ago. Sadly since his passing, his wife has also been of ill health and is in a wheelchair. It has also been difficult for her to support her family.

There's going to be a lot of faces from the early days of Incognito and a lot of musicians guesting on the night. You can purchase tickets here:

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