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Monday 11th August 2014, Amplified Soul two week tour of Japan in full swing

This has been a fairly standard busy summer for Incognito. We played another tour of Italy that was, as usual, a pleasure on many levels for us (Italian fans are awesome!) and managed to sandwich in two Citrus Sun gigs in London without actually going home... We pretty much went straight back to the airport to play the Saulkrasti Jazz festival in Latvia which was a very memorable show. (At one point we had about fifteen children on stage dancing with us, we'd only been playing about 20 minutes, they were very sweet!)

The current leg of the tour is Japan. I am writing from Nagoya, where we play tomorrow. We have already done three shows, one in Osaka and two in Yokohama (also I've been DJing in between in Osaka and Tokyo). After tomorrow's shows in Nagoya, we will return to Tokyo for ten shows with Maysa Leak joining us (yeah!) and also a very 'speju' young guitarist from Portugal named Francisco Sales. Francisco also played the recent Citrus Sun shows with us, standing in for Jim Mullen, so you know he's got to be outstanding!

In between the Tokyo shows will will also fly to Fukuoka for a concert, once again with Maysa and Francisco. FH


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