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Monday 12th September 2016, Incognito returns to Ronnie Scott’s for six nights

After a relatively calm summer for us (certainly compared to last year) we are about to get busy busy busy again… starting with a return to London’s Ronnie Scott’s club. We’ve played multiple nights at Ronnie’s at roughly this late summer period for several years now. This time it’s twelve shows over six straight nights, Monday 12th to Saturday 17th September. We always have a blast at Ronnie’s and Bluey’s on stage wit is at a high when he’s before a Ronnie’s audience! Four of the nights are sold out already I believe.

Following the week at Ronnie’s we have one more UK date at Canvas in Bournemouth (sold out too I’m afraid!) before we leave for Australia, Japan, Hawaii and the rest of the USA (and a cruise around the Caribbean!!!) There are more UK shows and others planned from mid November onwards too. As I said, busy busy busy! FH

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